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Suicide and ME/CFS

Suicidal thoughts may be experienced by people from all backgrounds and in all life situations, but there is no doubt that chronic pain and illness can increase your susceptibility to […]

A New Spectrum Disorder

Research has identified a new spectrum disorder, which has been called Anxiety-Laxity-Pain-Immune-Mood syndrome, or ALPIM syndrome for short. Published online at the Journal of Neuropsychiatry, the study describes a spectrum […]

Gene Expression in ME/CFS, Fibromyalgia and Depression

There is a lot of talk at the moment about gene expression in ME/CFS, and that is only likely to increase as more genetic research is carried out. One of […]

My Anxious Heart

Katie Crawford is an American photographer who specialises in surreal portraiture. Her photographic series My Anxious Heart documents her battle with anxiety and depression. While the photos necessarily show the […]

10 Ways to Fight Stress

Life is stressful enough without a chronic illness, so when you add ME/CFS into the mix, sometimes it can feel like your stress levels are permanently through the roof. Research […]

There May Be A Link Between Dental Amalgams And ME/CFS, FM And Other Chronic Illnesses

Evidence supporting a link between dental amalgams and chronic illness, fatigue, depression, anxiety, and suicide. [link to article] Janet K. Kern 1, David A. Geier 1, Geir Bjørklund 2, Paul […]

9 Ways To Be Supportive If Your Partner Is Depressed

We all know that ME/CFS and associated conditions are not depression. But we also know that people affected by any sort of chronic illness may become depressed because of their […]

ME/CFS and social isolation

ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome social isolation report (2010) Prepared For: Emerge Australia (formerly ME/CFS Society Australia (Victoria)) by Rebecca Bishop, Monash University   The purpose of this research is to gain […]