Dr Richard Schloeffel: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – Diagnosis and Treatment

Dr Richard Schloeffel graduated in 1978 from NSW Uni with post -graduate training in isolated rural general practice. He worked in country practices for thirteen years and spent five years working in the developing world, including Papua New Guinea, China, India, Bali and Eastern Europe. For the last twenty years He has been the principal at ‘Pymble Grove Health Centre’ where he has been treating and specializing in complex and chronic disorders with an integrative team of practitioners.

This broad experience has been invaluable in developing the diagnosis and treatment of chronic disorders and the ability to look beyond the existing paradigms to a deeper and more profound understanding of complex disease, particularly Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Borreliosis and its co-infections and Auto Immune Disease.

Dr Schloeffel has treated over three and a half thousand patients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and related disorders, refining diagnosis and appropriate investigations and management protocols. He has lectured widely on CFS and is currently undertaking research at Sydney University into Australian Lyme Disease.


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