Holding a competition/raffle

You may decide to hold a competition either as an event in itself, or as part of other awareness activities. If you are wondering what to provide as a prize, you might want to approach your local pharmacy, book or gift store and ask them to donate some gifts.

Write a ‘Donation Request Letter’ which describes the event you’re holding, the purpose of the event, what you hope to achieve and why you would like them to donate.

We have a template for you that you can find in our resources section. You’ll need to include your letter of authority from Emerge Australia (issued once you’ve registered) so that the business-owner knows you’re authorised to raise funds.

As of March 2015 Emerge Australia is authorised to hold a raffle and/or a public fundraising event in Victoria, New South Wales, Tasmania, Northern Territory and ACT. This means that if you are going to support us by fundraising from the general public via a raffle or soliciting donations, this is a lawful activity.  We are not legally authorised to fundraise from the general public in Queensland, South Australia or Western Australia at this point in time.



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