International Awareness Day 12th May

There are a multitude of ways to be involved in Awareness Day events.  You can create your own event/action or join in events/actions being organised by others.  Events are often in person, but there are plenty of actions that you can take part in from your home, or even your bed.

Emerge Australia has launched the Do Something for ME program, which has plenty of ideas for you to look through, as well as resources to help you with your event/action. are keeping a dynamic list of events/actions planned around the world – many of which you can join in online.

Just a few of the online events that are simple (and free!) to join include:

Google Doodle

If you think that google should create a doodle for 12th May, then you can send a request to them via email. A google doodle sits on the google home page and is seen by tens of millions of people each day!


If you’re on twitter, facebook or tumblr, then join in the Thunderclaps being organised! A Thunderclap is when a group of social media users all post the same message on the same day – to make a might noise!

There are three thunderclaps organised in three different languages and you can register to be a part of the noise here:


No matter who or where you are, you can Do Something for ME this Awareness Day.


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