The Media

Local news and radio stations are always focused on stories about people in their local area.

If you are going to hold any sort of event or try to raise awareness about ME/CFS, your local media outlets might be interested.

When you’re planning your event, look at the local papers that get delivered to your door and read up on the stories about the local businesses, residents and schools and check which journalists are writing those stories.

Listen to your favourite radio stations and identify the programs where they discuss health and social issues and take a note of the time slots and the hosts.

At least 2 weeks before the event you’re holding, contact the newspaper or the radio station (and if you have the journalist/host’s name – direct your query to them personally) telling them you have an event planned to raise awareness for ME/CFS.

This is the sort of information that anyone from the press will want to know initially. Not all of this may be relevant for your event, so this is a guide only:

  • Headline: What the event is and when it is
  • What: What is happening
  • Who: Who is holding the event
  • Why: Why this event is being held
  • Who: Who should attend the event
  • When: Date. Time or range of date and time
  • Where: Where it will take place, where they can park
  • Media Contact: Your name, phone, email, website/facebook for the event


This by itself may be enough information for them to run a short story (particularly in the press) which is fantastic in itself. But they may be interested in talking with you further about you and your experience with ME/CFS. Contact Us directly for further tips on more in-depth interviews.



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