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Emerge Australia could not run without it’s dedicated and resourceful volunteers.

Every year around 50-60 volunteers facilitate the day-to-day running of the organisation and make sure that we continue to have an impact – every volunteer brings a unique contribution, whilst sharing the common goal of improving the conditions for people affected by ME/CFS and related conditions – the Society is supported by a variety of people from a range of backgrounds and professions.

Our volunteers are primarily drawn from our membership base and membership is encouraged.  The first step in the volunteer process is to read this fully and then to email our volunteer coordinator with your expression of interest.

Being such a small organisation, every new volunteer will be trained individually to become familiar with the organisation and the work needed.   This approach helps both the organisation and the volunteer become familiar with each other and means that we can tailor your experience to meet your needs as well as those of the organisation.  People with ME/CFS and associated conditions are very welcome as volunteers – we understand the effects of the condition and always take this into account when you are volunteering.

The organisation’s need for volunteers ebbs and flows throughout the year – at certain times, like during Awareness Week in May, more casual volunteers are needed – as projects crop up through the year we also put the call out for additional help – sometime it takes a little while for us to place a volunteer so we do ask that you are patient but we also don’t mind you being persistent.

All volunteers are required to be a financial member of Emerge Australia and maintain the membership during the term of their volunteer status – membership of Emerge Australia is governed by the Rules of the Society 2014.


Currently, the following duties are being carried out by volunteers:

  • Committee of Management
  • Community engagement
  • Communications
  • Support and Information Line
  • Administration
  • Emerge Journal Editor

Read some stories from our volunteers.


How to volunteer


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