One Woman’s Naturopathic Journey with Fibromyalgia

We read a lot about drug trials and medical studies, and many of us have tried too many pharmaceutical treatments to remember, with varying degrees of success. For as long as there is no cure for ME/CFS, the focus remains on the treatment of individual symptoms, and for some people who feel that these are not adequately addressed by medication, naturopathy can be a good fit.

Over at Health Rising, Edith Bouvier has shared her own seventeen-year journey with naturopathic treatment of fibromyalgia. She discusses diet, supplements, testing and chiropractic manipulation among other treatments. The story is in two parts because it contains so much information, and you can read part one here and part two here.

It’s best to undergo naturopathic treatment in consultation with your GP, as it is important to ensure that there are no conflicts between pharmaceutical and naturopathic remedies. Some medical clinics even offer both regular and alternative treatments these days, so you may even find that you can find both in the same building—or even the same doctor.

You can read more about complementary therapies for ME/CFS here.

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