Promote awareness online

Promoting ME/CFS online is often a very accessible way to get the word out to a lot of people. There’s all sorts of events, conversations, messages that can be spread around your networks and those of your friends/family/colleagues/schoolmates.

Raise awareness about the effects of ME/CFS:

  • Raise awareness and share free resources by sharing the Emerge Australia website with your networks on social media or in an email
  • Link to our website on your email footer!
  • We’re on social media – like, follow, pin us!
  • Ask people to share their personal stories in poem/haiku/micro format on twitter and use hashtags like “Invisible” or “Spoonie” or “Emerge” or “ME/CFS” – or whatever your favourite tag is to highlight the poem.
  • Post photographs – think of a theme (“Invisible” or “Spoonie” or “Emerge” for example) and ask for photographs to be posted with your chosen theme hashtag on Facebook or Twitter or Pinterest or Instagram or Youtube – or all of them!
  • GO BLUE on social media for more visibility.



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