Promote awareness in your school

Young people are not immune to ME/CFS and raising awareness so that both schools and teachers are aware of the condition is vital. In some cases, young people care for family that have the condition and they may want to raise awareness by talking about their own experiences.

Tips to get teachers and parents involved and supportive:

  • Inform and educate teachers about ME/CFS so that they can understand the importance or reason for your event.
  • Talk to other parents about the condition and ask them to help you.
  • Liaise with the school about a date and location
  • Do you have a regular fair or social event? Talk to the organisers to see if you can have a booth or information/posters displayed.
  • The local parents group or local traders might help out with donations for prizes – see if they’d be willing to help.

Promote your event at school

Your school will have a regular newsletter that goes out to the teachers and/or the parents, this is a great place to provide information about both ME/CFS and the event you are organising. Your school might already have an events/fundraising committee – talk to them about the best way to get something organised, that way you’ll be sure to be within school guidelines and reach the most people.

Ideas for school events

  • Displaying awareness posters in your library
  • Distributing fact sheets for staff and parents to read.
  • Running an article in your school/parent group newsletter or intranet with a link to the Emerge Australia website and resources
  • Organise a gold coin donation day. Our awareness day colour is blue – for ideas visit our pinterest page – blue hair day, blue coloured cup-cakes, blue nail polish ….etc
  • A presentation by students interested in the condition
  • A stall at the school market/fair

You might also encourage understanding by making staff aware of the following videos on young people and ME/CFS:



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