Promote awareness in your workplace

Raising awareness in the workplace is very effective for getting the message into the community.  Some workplaces have rules around what can and can’t be displayed, so remember to check in to make sure these ideas are OK.

Tips to get management involved and supportive:

  • Give you manager plenty of notice about the event you’d like to hold
  • Talk to them about their ideas – they may help you to make it bigger!
  • If you have a social club, they may want to get involved, talk to them about your idea
  • Provide plenty of information about ME/CFS and why it’s important to raise awareness so that they can understand the importance and reason for your event.
  • If there are people at your workplace who want to hold a fundraiser as well, then why not team up and hold one big fundraiser? The more people involved, the more successful it will be.

Promote your event to your colleagues

Be sure to include the event on the company’s Intranet and newsletter. You might also send an email to your colleagues telling them about the event or simply send them a calendar invite so that it’s automatically sits in their diary.  Check in with your social club and see if they can help too.

Ideas for awareness at work:

  • Displaying awareness posters
  • Printing and distributing fact sheets for staff and visitors to read.
  • Organisational Brochures in your lunchroom and office surrounds
  • Decorating desks/lunchroom etc blue – for ideas visit our pinterest page.
  • Running an article in your company newsletter
  • Placing an article on your intranet with a link to the Emerge Australia website and resources

Or, you might encourage and support your team to:

  • Hold a morning/afternoon tea for a gold coin donation.
  • Hold a ‘casual clothes’ day for the cause and a donation.
  • Come up with their own great idea for a fundraiser!



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