Our Staff

Dr Heidi Nicholl CEOCEO: Dr Heidi Nicholl

Heidi has been CEO of Emerge Australia since February 2018. With a PhD in medical ethics and a background working with patients and medical professionals Heidi is very well aware of the many issues affecting patients with ME/CFS and their carers. Having started her career as a laboratory scientist specialising in… (continued)


Lauren GinnMembership Coordinator: Lauren Ginn

Before joining Emerge, Lauren had a sound understanding of ME/CFS and the challenges of appropriate diagnosis and treatment. She believes strongly in the purpose and mission of Emerge Australia to improve services and support for those affected by ME/CFS… (continued)


Information Officer: Naomi Sherborne

With a background in Health Promotion and Journalism Naomi joined the Emerge Australia team in April 2018. Having volunteered as Editor of the Emerge Journal prior to taking on the role of Information Officer Naomi has been quickly gaining knowledge and insight into ME/CFS… (continued)



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