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Humans of ME/CFS

If you’re active on Facebook or other social media, you’ve probably heard of the ‘Humans of New York’ photoblog and Facebook page. It publishes photos of the inhabitants of New […]

Severely Ill Big Data Study

Last week we introduced the new website #MEAction, a tool for ME/CFS advocacy and fund raising. One of the research projects that the site is supporting is the Open Medicine […]

The Consequences of ME/CFS

Following the conclusion of their webinar series with Professor Alan Light, Wetenschap voor Patiënten (Science to Patients) has begun a new series that focusses on the patient experience. The second […]

Chronic Disease Rates in Australia

New government data reveals that around half of all Australians are living with a chronic disease, and a fifth have at least two. The statistics become even more dramatic when […]

A New Migraine App

A lot of people who suffer from ME/CFS are unfortunate enough to also experience regular migraine headaches. Doctors often recommend keeping a diary of symptoms, frequency and possible triggers, in […]

ME/CFS and Housekeeping

It can be extremely difficult to keep on top of housework and household organisation when you have ME/CFS. Most household chores involve physical exertion, and those that don’t require cognitive […]


#MEAction is a new site that provides a platform for ME/CFS patients, advocates and organisations to create actions aimed at improving the lot of people with ME/CFS. Whether it’s a […]

ME/CFS and the Immune System and Cell Functioning

The previous instalment of Wetenschap voor Patiënten’s webinar series with Professor Alan Light of the University of Utah looked at ME/CFS and the Brain. The final episode of the series […]

Beyond Diagnostic Criteria: Collecting ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia Symptoms

We’re all aware of the different diagnostic criteria for ME/CFS, but there are so many aspects of life with the illness that don’t make it into the official guidelines, largely […]

DSP Claim Process Changes

Since the 1st of July, a new claim process for the Disability Support Pension (DSP) has been in place at Centrelink. Claimants are no longer required to provide a Treating […]