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Bio 21 Institute research – Inside Story report

Chris Armstrong is a researcher at the University of Melbourne’s Bio21 Molecular Science and Biotechnology Institute and the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. He is the lead author on […]

Blood, Tissue and Organ Donation with ME/CFS

Have you asked yourself the question: can I donate blood, tissues and/or organs even though I have ME/CFS? Well, the simple answers are no, and maybe. See below: Blood The Australian […]

A dietitian puts extreme ‘clean eating’ claims to the test – and the results aren’t pretty

Sophie Medlin, ‎Lecturer in Nutrition and Dietetics, King’s College London in an article in The Conversation takes a look at the “clean eating” claims such as: “Some clean eating bloggers claim to have […]

Staying Safe & Healthy in Extreme Heat

The Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS) has released a Heat Health Alert for this weekend. Over the summer months we need to be aware and prepared for the […]

ME/CFS features in Australian Women’s Weekly

The Australian Women’s Weekly ran a feature article in its August 2015 edition, on fatigue. The Beauty & Health Director was receptive to understanding the difference between fatigue and ME/CFS […]

Chronic Disease Rates in Australia

New government data reveals that around half of all Australians are living with a chronic disease, and a fifth have at least two. The statistics become even more dramatic when […]

A New Migraine App

A lot of people who suffer from ME/CFS are unfortunate enough to also experience regular migraine headaches. Doctors often recommend keeping a diary of symptoms, frequency and possible triggers, in […]

ME/CFS and Housekeeping

It can be extremely difficult to keep on top of housework and household organisation when you have ME/CFS. Most household chores involve physical exertion, and those that don’t require cognitive […]


#MEAction is a new site that provides a platform for ME/CFS patients, advocates and organisations to create actions aimed at improving the lot of people with ME/CFS. Whether it’s a […]

ME/CFS and the Immune System and Cell Functioning

The previous instalment of Wetenschap voor Patiënten’s webinar series with Professor Alan Light of the University of Utah looked at ME/CFS and the Brain. The final episode of the series […]