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Lyme Disease Webpage Launched

There is a lot of information regarding Lyme Disease available on the internet. In fact, there is a lot more misinformation than there is reliable information. Sifting through it all and […]

Australian National Register Environmental Sensitivities

The new ANRES website has been launched, designed to collect prevalence data on Environmental Sensitivity among Australians. Australian National Register of Environmental Sensitivities (ANRES) aims to: Be a place where […]

Livewire Team Work with ME/CFS Youth

The National Livewire Team (pictured) recently gathered in Sydney for the annual “Ignition” training and development camp which ran over three days. This group is made up of the Livewire […]

Chronic Disease Rates in Australia

New government data reveals that around half of all Australians are living with a chronic disease, and a fifth have at least two. The statistics become even more dramatic when […]

A New Migraine App

A lot of people who suffer from ME/CFS are unfortunate enough to also experience regular migraine headaches. Doctors often recommend keeping a diary of symptoms, frequency and possible triggers, in […]

Beyond Diagnostic Criteria: Collecting ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia Symptoms

We’re all aware of the different diagnostic criteria for ME/CFS, but there are so many aspects of life with the illness that don’t make it into the official guidelines, largely […]

Eugenie Lee’s Artistic Depictions of Chronic Pain

Eugenie Lee is an artist whose experience of chronic pain has greatly influenced her work. A sufferer of endometriosis and adenomyosis for nearly two decades, Lee eventually chose to undergo […]

Suicide and ME/CFS

Suicidal thoughts may be experienced by people from all backgrounds and in all life situations, but there is no doubt that chronic pain and illness can increase your susceptibility to […]

Diet, Microbiota and Health

Kate Scarlata is a registered dietician and FODMAP diet expert. Recently, she attended a nutrition symposium focussing on diet and microbiota in health and disease, and she’s written a very […]

The Quiet Curse

On 12th July, 2015 Landline presented a feature on Q Fever. The whole show is very informative and (at about the 30min mark) they interview Ms Christine Hunter, who talks […]