Drug Stops Orthostatic Intolerance in ME/CFS In Lab – Next Steps

Orthostatic Intolerance is a problem common to many ME/CFS patients, who may suffer from tachycardia, hyperventilation, dizziness, anxiety and cognitive impairment due to nothing more extreme than simply standing up. Cort Johnson of Health Rising writes about the orthostatic dysregulation experienced by ME/CFS sufferers and about the work being done by Marvin Medow and Julian Stewart in researching its causes and possible cures.

Medow and Stewart have successfully used injections of phenylephrine to normalise the reactions of ME/CFS patients to the tilt table test – a common way of measuring orthostatic intolerance. Johnson looks at why this treatment may have been effective as well as the treatment implications arising from these tests.

Read more at Health Rising or a further discussion of Phenylephrine at Emerge Australia.

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