Dr Heidi Nicholl CEO

Emerge Australia welcomes $370,000 in Federal funding

We are so pleased to announce that we have recently received $370,000 in Federal funding to support our work. You can see our video announcement here:


This is the largest Federal funding grant that has been committed to a support organisation working in the ME/CFS space.

CEO of Emerge Australia, Dr Heidi Nicholl, welcomed the funding, saying it was a significant recognition of the serious impact of the condition, and the work needed to combat ME/CFS.
“We are delighted the Federal Department of Health is supporting our work with a funding commitment towards specific programs. The funding will help Emerge Australia make a difference in the lives of many ME/CFS sufferers,” said Dr Nicholl.

The Federal funding will be directed towards the following specific programs:

• $80,000 on the support of an Information Line for sufferers
• $80,000 on developing support services knowledge and infrastructure
• $60,000 on a detailed Australian ME/CFS “health and wellbeing” survey
• $150,000 on an international research symposium, to be held in Australia.

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