Emotional Support

Family Relationships Services for Carers

Family Relationship Services for Carers provide mediation and counselling to assist families with concerns and issues relating to family relationships and the care of a family member with a disability. In Victoria, this free service is provided by Eastern Access Community Health.

Ph: 1300 303 346
Web: http://www.each.com.au/family-relationship-service-for-carers/
Email: frsc@each.com.au

More information is available on the Australian Government’s Family Relationships Online web site: http://www.familyrelationships.gov.au/BrochuresandPublications/Pages/FamilyRelationshipServicesforCarers.aspx



Reconnexion provide programs and services that address anxiety, stress, depression and benzodiazepine (tranquillisers & sleeping pills) dependency and related conditions.
Reconnexion provides counselling, telephone information & support, community information, and health practitioner education.
Reconnexion (formerly TRANX & PADA) is a not for profit organisation based in Victoria. Reconnexion provides affordable group and individual counselling. Group programs include mindfulness, sleep and meditation.

Ph: 1300 273 266
Web: www.reconnexion.org.au

Social Workers

Social workers have a wealth of information available that includes personal and family counselling. They can also provide assistance in accessing other support services.

Ring your local public hospital or Community Health Centre (see list under Health Services, in this booklet) to access these.

To find social workers visit the Australian Association of Social Workers
Web: http://www.aasw.asn.au/


Centrelink social workers can provide short-term counselling and provide support for people experiencing a crisis, have no support or are unsure how to access the right assistance.

Make an appointment at your local Centrelink service centre to see a social worker or call the number below to speak to a social worker. Explain that you are incapacitated with ME/CFS if you need the social worker to come to your home. Cost is usually free.

PH: 132 850
Web: http://www.humanservices.gov.au/customer/services/centrelink/social-work-services


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