‘Busting the Myths …’ Emerge Australia and ThinkGP launch new GP Education module on ME/CFS

We are super excited to announce our recently developed, accredited GP education module. Created by ThinkGP, the module provides the latest understanding of the pathophysiology, diagnosis and management of ME/CFS.


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The 1hr module is worth RACGP C2 2pts or ACRRM 1pt on completion.

Health professionals can enrol to complete the module for free at:


‘Busting the myths and redefining myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS)’ was released at the very end of August and to date more than one hundred health professionals have completed the module. But we’d like more!


After they have finished the educational material each health professional that has taken part is asked to complete a survey.

This feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and demonstrates that not only is the content highly valued and relevant to their practice but health professionals are grateful for this education and want to know more:

“An incredible change in understanding the huge impact of so many factors involved with ME/CFS hopefully will help change the way these debilitated patients are understood and “helped”.  Thank you for this very informative module.”  – GP (VIC) after completing the module.

“It has helped me understand ME/CFS in a better and comprehensive way.” – Doctor (WA) after completing the module.  

Will you help us to let your local GPs know about this great new ME/CFS resource?

We are asking you, supporters of ME/CFS across Australia, to join us in sending out ‘GP Education promotional packs’, which will contain a postcard and flyer, to up to 5x GPs or health clinics in your local area.  Yes, we could do this ourselves but we think it will mean a lot more to health professionals when they hear from people in their local community.

To help, simply:

1) Click on the link below to fill in your details on the form provided, including the number of ‘GP Education promotion packs’ you would like us to send out (3 or 5).

2) Emerge Australia will then mail you a set of ThinkGP and Emerge Australia GP education postcards (you need to send one of each to the practice – more info will be included when we send these out). You can then mail – or (if you’re able) hand deliver – these to your local GP practices. You can also add a personal note requesting them to take a look if you wish.



Our goal is to reach 500x GPs and health professionals this year. With your help we can do it!

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