Livewire Team Work with ME/CFS Youth

The National Livewire Team (pictured) recently gathered in Sydney for the annual “Ignition” training and development camp which ran over three days. This group is made up of the Livewire In-Hospital facilitators and the online Chat Hosts. They have all learnt about the new Official Groups coming on board which recently included Emerge Australia, and will be promoting these ongoingly when meeting teens who may be interested in joining your group.

The Livewire Team has extensive experience working with many organisations who support the needs of young people experiencing chronic illness such as Asthma Australia, Epilepsy Action Australia, IDFA,, Disability Sport & Recreation and Cystic Fibrosis Australia. Emerge Australia is excited to be involved and participating in this safe, online group space, as we further develop and explore opportunities for young people in our peer support program .

The Livewire team produce a quarterly magazine, which is a fun and informative publication geared to teenagers. All Livewire members have access and can contribute to this publication.

For more information about Livewire, you can contact the Livewire team directly by phone (02) 8425 5971, email or Emerge Australia

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