ME/CFS patients are demanding Justice

ME/CFS patients are demanding Justice

Uk author Nathalie Wright developed the article ‘Time for Unrest: Why patients with ME are demanding justice’, which reports on the struggles patients face to be taken seriously by doctors.

Preview of article:

In this article, Nathalie Wright reports on how difficult it is to gain recognition as ME/CFS is still one of the most globally misunderstood diseases. The touching ‘Unrest’ film documented by Jennifer Brea has taken off around the world, illustrating the insights of those who experience ME/CFS. Wright’s article explores how ME/CFS has been associated as a psychosomatic illness even though research has now identified that it is an “acquired, chronic multi-systemic disease, biological in nature”.

The stigma of ME/CFS still persists. Many ME activists have fought to reduce this stigma and experience great distress and anger at having their condition not be acknowledged and accepted. In addition, the author says that ME/CFS is more common than Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis and HIV/AIDS, yet is one of the most underfunded diseases to date.

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