Medical, Scientific, Political and Journalistic Pitfalls in the Study of Confusing Illnesses

Julie Rehmeyer is a mathematics and science journalist who holds a masters degree from MIT and a long list of credits in publications such as New Scientist, Wired and Technology Review. She is also a long-term sufferer of ME/CFS.

In February 2014, Rehmeyer gave a seminar at the Santa Fe Institute discussing the problematic attitude of the government, the media and the medical profession to ME/CFS and similar illnesses without clear mechanisms or easily-defined symptoms. The seminar covers such wide-reaching topics as the PACE study, mould reactivity and Rehmeyer’s personal journey with chronic fatigue syndrome and includes interesting discussion with audience members.

A video of the Santa Fe Institute seminar is available on their website. Alternatively, you can read a transcript of the seminar at Paradigm Change.

If you’d like more information about working with your own health care team, Emerge Australia has a straightforward fact sheet to read or download.

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