My Life, Influences & Living with ME/CFS -Triple R interview with Chris Fayers

Chris Fayers, an Environmental Scientist and Emerge Australia member, was recently interviewed on Melbourne Independent radio station TripleR. Chris provided an insightful interview where he discusses  his childhood, career, musical influences over the years and living everyday with a the chronic illness and neuroimmune disorder ME/CFS.

If you missed the interview you can listen to it by clicking on this link to access the Triple R ‘JVG Radio Method’  show’s podcast from  31 January 2016. (Scroll through to 1:10:00 to get the start of Chris’s interview in the show)

We can not under estimate the powerful impact a personal story has on raising awareness and understanding of the condition and how it effects peoples day to day life. It provides evidence to inform the argument for change. Emerge Australia will continue to advocate for the recognition and commitment for change required to support the needs of those with the condition.

We wont give up until everyone suffering ME/CFS gets both support and understanding.

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