National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Draft Report “Read-a-Long” Part Three

We are now into the third week of the read-a-long, which means that the third and final instalment of the NHMRC draft report into ME/CFS is now available. It is available for download here. The final instalment contains Section 5 and Summary of the report, along with all of the relevant references.

If you would like a detailed schedule for the ‘read-a-long’, it is available here.

‘Read-a-Long’ Reminders
This week please read through the final instalment, noting what you like about the report, and what you think could do with some revising.

The submission deadline is Monday 18th February 2019. We will be sending out a reminder on Friday 15th February with some guidance on how to bring all of your notes together into a feedback report.

The document is a PDF file, so we encourage you to print the document out and have a highlighter at the ready! If you’re able to, you may like to use the highlighter function that some PDF readers have available directly on your computer.

Remember, these are YOUR thoughts, there are no right or wrong answers. The consultation asks for constructive feedback, so the only thing that we ask is that you are considerate in your response.

So, to get started on the final instalment just print out, or open, this week’s report.

The questions we would like you to think about whilst reading are:

  • What do I like?
  • What do I think could do with some revising?

Make sure to keep notes as you highlight. We’ll use the final weeks to bring these all together.

If you want to have another look at the first section we released (Executive Summary, Background and Context) you can download it here. If you want another look at the second section we released (Section 4 ‘Current Issues and Challenges’) you can download it here.

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