National Health and Medical Research Council to set up expert advisory committee

Professor Anne Kelso OA, Chief Executive Officer of NHMRC has agreed to look at national and international research and clinical guidance needs for ME/CFS. To do this, NHMRC is setting up a new expert advisory committee and has invited Emerge Australia to nominate a representative to join this committee. The outcomes of this scoping work could assist in advising Professor Kelso on what NHMRC may be able to offer the sector in regards to research or clinical guidance. Once the this new committee is formally established, and members are appointed, NHMRC will publish a project page on their website where everyone can keep up to date with the work.

Emerge Australia is delighted to be able to nominate a consumer representative and we look forward to participating in this important committee. We would like to acknowledge ME/CFS Australia (SA) for making the submission to the NHMRC for Targeted Call for Research funding and the work of Scott Ludlam (former Senator for the Australian Greens) and Simone Eyssens who have been strong advocates to NHMRC for increasing funding and more appropriate targeting of funding of ME/CFS research.

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