Open Medicine Foundation (US), ME/CFS Severely Ill – Big Data Study

The ME/CFS Severely Ill – Big Data Study by the Open Medicine Foundation (OMF) will include a comprehensive, “Big Data” analysis on the 25% of people severely affected by ME/CFS, with the goal of finding sensitive and distinctive molecular biomarker(s).

The OMF has observed that many previous studies look for one thing or test only one biological area in a group of patients. By conducting an in-depth study on individual patients, they see that this will give a more comprehensive view of the condition which ‘piecemeal studies on different patients’ does not.  And this comprehensive analysis may reveal how the different systems malfunction at the same time and possibly together contribute to the disease mechanism. A comprehensive biological analysis in each patient in the study could also reveal that different mechanisms in different patients lead to the same symptoms. Finding these differing biomarkers in different patients would identify subgroups that can then also be subjects for targeted treatment trials.

Brian Piening, a researcher at the OMF is so excited about Open Medicine Foundation’s ME/CFS Severely Ill-Big Data Study that he made his own video to explain the comprehensive data that will be collected.


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