Victorian Government

Victoria Department of Human Services Concessions:

You may be eligible for concessions from the Victorian State Government relating to electricity, water and gas bills if you hold a Pensioner Concession Card (PCC) or a Health Care Card (HCC). Concessions may include:

  • Education: e.g. Conveyance allowance, TAFE enrolment fees concession …etc..
  • Energy: e.g. Annual electricity concession, Winter gas concession, Medical cooling concession*… etc..
  • Financial & welfare: e.g. No interest Loans scheme, stepUP low interest loans and Bereavement assistance.
  • Hardship: e.g. Utility relief grand and Non-mains utility relief grant schemes.
  • Health: e.g. Multi-Purpose Taxi program, Pharmaceutical benefits scheme, Patient transport subsidy… etc..
  • Rates & property: Municipal Rates Concession and others.

Ph:       1800 658 521 (Concessions Information Line)

*The Medical Cooling Concession provides a 17.5 per cent discount on summer electricity costs for cardholders where a member of the family has a medical condition that affects the body’s ability to regulate temperature.

Note that a person with Fibromyalgia will automatically qualify for a Medical Cooling Concession. If you have ME/CFS and have an inability to self-regulate body temperature as part of your condition, the doctor must tick “Another Qualifying

Financial Support Packages

Victoria Department of Human Services offers financial assistance to people with a disability so they can have greater control over their lives.

  • Individual support package

Individual support packages are funds allocated to a person to meet their disability-related support needs. For more information, see here.

  • Disability donations trust

This trust provides grants to people with a disability to assist in meeting needs they are otherwise unable to afford and for which no government funding is available. For more information, see here.


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