Disability Advocacy organisations

Victorian Advocacy League for Individuals with Disability Inc. (VALiD)

VALiD is funded by the Department of Health and Human Services and linking with or accessing suitable healthcare facilities and NDIS matters for people with intellectual disabilities. A client must have an intellectual disability and be eligible for – or receive – disability support services.

Service area: Melbourne

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Council to Homeless Persons – Homelessness Advocacy Service (HAS)

HAS provides a service for consumers seeking or receiving assistance from any Victorian community-managed homelessness assistance or social housing service. It can help people who are experiencing problems with government-funded homelessness support such as crisis accommodation. The service will inform you of your rights and assist you in making a complaint.

Advocacy services include:

  • Providing information and advice to consumers
  • Referral to external complaint bodies where appropriate
  • Complaints resolution.

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Victorian Office of the Public Advocate (OPA)

The Victorian OPA aims to promote and protect the rights and dignity of people with disabilities (specifically intellectual impairment, mental disorder, brain injury or dementia) living in Victoria. These services include guardianship, advice, education, information, research, advocacy and support. The role of the Public Advocate is to support services and actions that promote the rights of people with disabilities and protect them from exploitation and abuse.

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COTA for older Australians VICTORIA

COTA Victoria is supported by financial assistance from the Commonwealth and Victorian Governments. The organisation represents older Australians in all their diversity. It offers Victorian seniors a wide range of information, education, programs and events, and advocacy support and services.

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Consumer Utilities Advocacy Centre (CUAC)

CUAC is an independent consumer advocacy organisation, established to promote fair, equitable and more balanced regulatory outcomes in the electricity, gas and water industries, with a particular focus on low income, disadvantaged and rural and regional consumers.

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Social Security Rights Victoria Inc. (SSRV)

SSRV is an organisation which advocates for the right of people to have adequate income security and the rights of people in relation to the system, which provides this income security.  SSRV links with consumers, self-help groups and community agencies that provide assistance to people with Social Security problems, and to those concerned with income security policy.

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Action on Disability within Ethnic Communities INC (ADEC)

People with a disability and their carers from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds confront additional disadvantages related to languages, culture or socialisation. Their Advocacy Program aims to support and empower people to access the essential services people require.

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Disability Advocacy Finder

The Disability Advocacy Finder is a tool made available by the Department of Social Services (DSS) for the purposes of listing the contact details and locations of disability advocacy agencies. Organisations included on the Disability Advocacy Finder are ones that receive funding from the Commonwealth or a state or territory government to provide advocacy under individual or systemic models of advocacy.

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