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AED Legal Centre

AED represents people with disability who have issues relating to their disability in the areas of employment, education and training.  Services also include training in discrimination and employment law, a legal advisory service (one night a week), and information services.

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Disability Discrimination Legal Service (DDLS)

The DDLS is a state-wide independent community legal centre that specialises in disability discrimination legal matters. The organisation provides free legal services in several areas including information, referral, advice, casework assistance, community legal education, and policy and law reform.

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Handel Law Firm (Alberta, Canada)

Handel is not based in Australia but they have a great page on disability insurance. Includes the background of how it works and, importantly, how best to approach a claim. Well worth a read.

Here’s the link to the piece:

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Legal Aid Victoria

Legal Aid Victoria provides free legal advice. People unable to afford a lawyer can apply for a grant for legal assistance.

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Maurice Blackburn Lawyers

When people are unable to work due to injury or illness Maurice Blackburn provide free information and advice about disability insurance provided by default via their superannuation funds.

Kim Shaw, Principal of the Superannuation & Insurance Department provides legal advice to many disability support groups, social work departments, unions and consumer groups, and acts for workers and people with chronic illnesses and disabilities against insurance companies and superannuation funds. Kim’s department has been successful in supporting many people with ME/CFS to obtain disability insurance entitlements on a no win-no fee basis. FREE phone consults and claim investigations.

In cases of workplace discrimination due to disability or impairment, Maurice Blackburn Lawyers offers a fee-paying advice service.

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Villamanta Disability Rights Legal Service

Villamanta Disability Rights Legal Service is a free community legal service that works only on disability-related legal and justice issues, with a particular focus on the rights of people with an intellectual disability. Villamanta provides a telephone advice, information and referral service; legal casework for people who have an intellectual disability legal issue; conducts disability-related community legal education; and works on policy and law reform.

Service area: State wide

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ME/CFS Legal Resources

ME/CFS Legal Resources is an Australian website providing an information portal to assist people with ME/CFS-related legal issues. The primary focus of the site is the provision of access to legal cases dealing with the condition, useful legal resources and some links to advocacy. Facebook page is also available.

National Association of Community Legal Centres (NACLC)

Community Legal Centres (CLCs) are independently operating not-for-profit community organisations that provide legal and related services to the public, focusing on the disadvantaged and people with special needs. The NACLC website includes an online directory to find local CLCs and a listing of online legal resources.

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