Talking about ME – please write to your MP

Help us to make ME/CFS visible by writing a letter!

Write a letter to your Federal Member of Parliament, and tell them what ME/CFS means to you, and how they can help.

Emerge Australia is undertaking a campaign to ensure that Federal Politicians know about ME/CFS, and to encourage them to take action to support people with ME/CFS, in the lead up to the Federal Election in May.

You can help by writing to the Federal Member of Parliament in your Electorate, and telling them your personal story of living with ME/CFS.

Your local Member of Parliament is there to represent you, so they want to hear from you!

A personal letter from you, typed or hand-written, in your own words, describing your experience with ME/CFS, will help politicians understand ME/CFS better, so they can support positive action.

If you are not sure who your local Member of Parliament is, or their mail or email address, please check with the following links (you can type in your postcode, press search for address details):

Guidelines for contacting Senators and Members of Parliament

List of Members.

Remember to write from the heart about your personal experience with ME/CFS, and tell your Federal Member just what ME/CFS has meant to your life, family and loved ones.

Importantly, you may wish to call on your Federal Member to:

  1. Acknowledge that ME/CFS is a physiological condition that affects an estimated 240,000 Australians
  2. Recognise that people with ME/CFS often suffer from stigma because the condition is poorly understood
  3. Campaign for greater funding for research into a biomedical test for ME/CFS, treatment guidelines, and eventually, a cure
  4. Support easier access to NDIS benefits for people with ME/CFS
  5. Push for the development of new clinical practice guidelines for the treatment of ME/CFS.

We’d like every Federal Politician in Australia to have awareness of ME/CFS, and support Emerge Australia’s campaign to achieve better outcomes for people with ME/CFS.

We have written a template for a letter that is in direct response to Minister Paul Fletcher’s response to the Emerge Australia 2018 petition that asked for easier access to NDIS benefits for people with ME/CFS. If you would like to use this template, you can download an editable copy here.

Your story matters! Letting your Federal Member know your story will help to improve life for everyone with ME/CFS.

Please contact Emerge Australia for further information or if you would like our help doing this – and please do copy us in if you would like to share your letter!

The address of your local MP can be found here: 

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