The Name, the Name, the Name….What Name Would YOU Pick?

Over at Health Rising, Cort Johnson adds to the vast amount of talk about the IOM Panel’s suggestion that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome be renamed Systemic Exertion Intolerance Disease with a discussion about the reactions of ME/CFS patients to the IOM Panel’s proposal. In a poll of Health Rising readers, opinion was divided, but fifty percent of the 750 respondents felt that SEID would help their doctors to understand their illness better.

Johnson also looks at the last time a name change was proposed, when the 2000 Name Change Working Group suggested that the term neuroendocrineimmune dysfunction (NDS) be adopted. This change was rejected in 2003, however.

The article also included a second poll of readers, which asks them to rate various name options in order of preference. There is a lot of good discussion in the comments, with readers explaining their poll choices and offering a few name suggestions of their own.

Read the article over at Health Rising, or more about the proposed name change here.

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