Useful Websites

The websites listed below provide a variety of valuable information and resources for people with ME/CFS/FM. However, the inclusion of a website in the list does not indicate endorsement by Emerge Australia of all the views, opinions and information contained within the websites.


Emerge Australia

ME/CFS & FM Association NSW Inc.

ME/CFS Australia (South Australia) Inc.

ME/CFS/FM Support Association of Queensland

ME/CFS Society of Western Australia

ME/CFS Society of the ACT

ME/CFS Hints
This site contains helpful hints for daily living and information service and resources based on information gained from personal experience from people with ME/CFS

Alison Hunter Memorial Foundation
Foundation set up to support ME/CFS research. The site content has not been updated recently but is a valuable source of past scientific and research information.

The Hummingbird’s Foundation for ME
This comprehensive website contains information on ME and advocates for the recognition of ME as opposed to CFS.

Better Health Channel
The Better Health Channel provides free, evidence based health and medical information in an easy to understand format and language. Information on ME/CFS is listed under chronic fatigue syndrome.

ME/CFS Legal Resources
Australian website providing an information portal to assist people with ME/CFS with legal issues. The primary focus of the site is the provision of access to legal cases dealing with the condition, useful legal resources and some links to advocacy.


Action for ME (UK)
Action for ME is the UK’s leading charity dedicated to improving the lives of people with ME/CFS. Offers support and information and campaigns for better public services and biomedical research.

CFIDS Self Help (USA)
Website includes low-cost online self-help courses and other resources for people affected by ME/CFS and fibromyalgia.

ME Association (UK)
A UK based ME Association providing information and support for people with ME/CFS.

Invest in ME (UK)
UK charity campaigning for biomedical research into ME/CFS. Website includes an ME information centre.

ME Support UK
Provides information, advice and support for people with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis. Includes links to ME/CFS organisations around the world.

National ME/FM Action Network (Canada)
Canadian organisation dedicated to helping people with ME and Fibromyalgia through support, advocacy, education and research.

Phoenix Rising (US)
Phoenix Rising is a US based organisation that provides people with ME/CFS information to support their health and wellness. The organisation publishes articles, blogs, a newsletter and maintains a large ME/CFS Forum.

Solve ME/CFS Initiative (USA)
Previously known as the Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction Syndrome association of America.

Tymes Trust
Tymes Trust is the established national UK service for children and young people with ME and their families. It is a respected national charity who give their time voluntarily. They work with doctors, teachers and other specialists to support the educational rights of children with ME and advancing their care and influence Govt. (played a major role in producing the children’s section of the Dept of Health Report on CFS/ME (2002).

International Association for CFS/ME (USA)
The association is dedicated to research, education, treatment and finding a cure for ME/CFS.

National CFIDS Foundation (USA)
The foundation funds research to find a cause, expedite treatments and eventually a cure, and provides information, education, and support to people who have ME/CFS.

Co-cure ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia (USA)
Website for sharing information and resources for people with ME/CFS. – LINK NOT WORKING

Lyme Disease Association of Australia
Information and support for people with Lyme disease.

Nightingale Research Foundation
The Nightingale Research Foundation is a Canadian charity dedicated to the study and treatment of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E.) and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and related illnesses.
The foundation collaborates with other medical organizations worldwide, and disseminates information to researchers, to the legal and advocate community, to healthcare professionals, and to patients and their caregivers.

Enterovirus Foundation
The foundation funds research into persistent effects of enterovirus which can include ME/CFS. Site includes articles from recent research.


CFS Central
Blog reporting on ME/CFS and includes a list of ME/CFS related websites.

Emerge Australia on Facebook

ME/CFS Australia (SA)

Fibromyalgia Support Australia
Fibromyalgia community Facebook page.

Solve ME/CFS Initiative (US forum)

CFS Patient Advocate
Blog run by Christopher Cairns who has a daughter with CFS.

Healclick is community of chronically ill patients and their caregivers made and run by patients. It is a place to find your patient matches, share experiences with treatments and doctors, track your health, or connect to a community of others going through the same struggles.

Lyme Disease Association Facebook page

National ME/FM Action Network (Canada)

Not Crazy
Forum for people with CFS to share experiences and information.

Phoenix Rising (USA)
Phoenix Rising provides people with chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) information to support their health and wellness and online programs to enhance their health and well-being. Phoenix Rising publishes articles, a blog and a newsletter, maintains the largest ME/CFS Forum ( and contains the largest database of articles and posts on ME/CFS on the web.

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