Workplace Giving

Raising awareness about ME/CFS and associated conditions in the medical and general communities is slow, consistent work. Workplace Giving is an excellent way to raise awareness in the workplace on a continuing basis and support Emerge Australia to continue our work all year round.  It’s also a tax-effective way for employees to contribute on a regular basis to a cause that they support.

What is workplace giving?

Workplace giving is a simple and cost effective way to support Emerge Australia’s work by making regular donations from your pre-tax income, through your employer’s payroll system.

What are the benefits of a workplace giving program?

Workplace giving programs benefit the employee, the employer, and the ME/CFS community.

The process is affordable, through a transparent and trustworthy program, with no costly fundraising activities. Employees can make donations in an efficient and tax-effective manner, eliminating the need to collect receipts or wait until the end of the year to claim a tax refund.

Workplace giving can provide a low cost, administratively simple way of creating community/business partnerships and building employee morale, by mobilising significant funding and volunteer involvement.

Setting up a workplace giving program

For employees

Does your employer already have a workplace giving program that you can join? If so, talk to the program or payroll manager and register to donate to Emerge Australia. If your organisation does not have a workplace giving program, talk to your payroll or HR staff about establishing one. The organisations listed below can give you helpful advice about first steps.

For employers

Setting up workplace giving is a low cost and easy way for your company to demonstrate your commitment to your staff and to the community. You can set up a program in-house (refer to the ATO site for more information), or engage the services of one of the organisations below who specialise in setting up workplace giving programs. We are registered with:


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