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Panel of international medical experts publish in-depth ME/CFS guide for children and adolescents

Give a Little Love Foundation is putting the FUN in fundraising

ME/CFS patients are demanding Justice


What is ME/CFS?

Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, also known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) is a severe, complex, acquired illness. Symptoms can include issues with; brain function, the gut, the immune, endocrine and cardiac systems.


Diagnosis of ME/CFS is difficult and more research needs to be undertaken. The condition is not well understood in the general community or in clinical professions. In fact, it is widely misunderstood and finding appropriate treatment and management tools is often very difficult.


The condition can have an extreme impact on a person and can limit their capacity to lead an independent, healthy and fulfilling life. Good management can help with some of the effects of the condition particularly in more mild/moderate cases, but there is no doubt that this condition changes the lives of those affected.


It is vitally important to the well-being of people affected by ME/CFS that the condition be widely recognised. This will improve the availability and access to effective diagnosis, treatment and management. In the meantime there are services and supports available right now.

About Emerge Australia

That’s what Emerge Australia is here to do: advocate for, educate about, and provide information on this debilitating condition.

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If you would like to be involved in making a noise about ME/CFS, become a member or become a community activist right now.

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Would you like to recommend a health practitioner who has experience diagnosing and treating ME/CFS? Please take our short Health Practitioner Survey, or visit the Health Practitioner Database page for more information.

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Unrest film

At 28, Harvard PhD student Jennifer Brea is about to marry the love of her life when she is struck down by a sudden fever that leaves her bedridden. Diagnosed with myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME), commonly known as chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), Brea reaches out online and discovers a hidden community of millions who, like her, are confined at home by the ravages of ME.

Community screenings around Australia:

Feb. 19 at 6:30pm Capri Theatre, Goodwood, Adelaide (more info)
Mar. 18 at 2:00pm RMIT screening, Melbourne (more info)
The number of screenings of Unrest is growing! A number of screenings have already happened in community settings. As we become aware of upcoming screenings, we will add them here.

Other links

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Host your own screening
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